Thursday, 9 August 2012

You will have to bear with me...

... whilst I catch you up on the older pictures...I am a bit OCD and it's offending me greatly that this is now in the wrong order.

I can do it in order of most recent first if you like? If you don't like, then scroll to the bottom and work up and it will be a progression the right way round!

Ok so this is a rainy July day (2012) and I am at Martin Mere...getting my picture taken isn't something I 'do' this is one taken because I was about to go down the zip-slide with Leon!!! I've gone for cropped jeans (one's fallen down) and that's a crocheted jumper which has a slash neck and 3/4 length sleeves. It was from Next in the sale and I thought that Doris might've worn is kinda cute. The raincoat also has 3/4 length sleeves and a tie waist. Not a brilliant retro effort...but, well I don't think Dita does zip-slides...

Mad hair moment...this is me at a ball pool (July again) with the kids and my nephew and his beautiful Mama. The hair looked pretty BEFORE (ie when I set out that morning)...but you will have to believe me! My outfit was a bit tedious, high waisted cropped  jeans with red shoes, red belt and little green cardigan. I had a red flower pinned in my hair.
Fabby fab shoes, need I say more?

Straight hair on this one. Looks like I'd made no effort at all!

Crazy smile! My friend made me this brooch from felt and I sent her this picture with me wearing it...a self portrait! The top is one from Dorothy Perkins and is black with 3/4 length sleeves. Looks like I've managed to curl the mop.
Trip out to Stainforth Foss, Yorkshire. Pinned my hair up, red spotty sun top with my turquoise skirt.
Me trying on my dress for Paul's birthday night out in June...I didn't wear the shoes with it in the end as they are a different leopard print. I think that's a Stop Staring dress.

This isn't a 'breast' picture it's a cardigan clip picture! he he

The best my blonde hair ever was these photos that made me give up! It was like coton wool, the roots were lilac and the ends were copper. YIKES! (December 2011)

My birthday (November 2011) when my hair was a really ace shade of peach! Also it's very short as they had to cut loads of damaged hair off. I really felt like I had lost my femininity.
September, when I had done the deed. Me trying to tell myself, "It's fine!"
What it was SUPPOSED to look like (obviously)

The hair before I went kind of blonde! I'd had the cool streak put in the front and had fooled myself into thinking it would all go platinum blonde. If you look, it's plain to anyone that it was copper! (Not to me, obviously!)
At Lego can just see the start of my streak at the front. It went a light brown colour first. That's a cute dress. It's just a shift dress, but I liked it.
So there you have it! My terrible photos! Those are the only ones I have of my 'journey' thus far...probably for the best! ha ha

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