Saturday, 25 August 2012

So I have been unable to post all week...

due to having what can only be described as a carbunkle on my face all week...but today I went off to the hairdressers to cheer myself up a bit and due to the acne was more likely of course to come out with a 'new look'. So here it is!
Snip snip

Um...Sandra Bullock!

The finished result!
I am going to probably go a bit shorter as I get used to it... it felt waaaaaay short in the salon but it isn't Bettie Page yet. The rest needs to grow too!


  1. You look fantastic!!!! I wish my hair were straight-there are so many fantastic hair cuts I would do!!! xox

  2. It's only straight because it has been 'straightened' I want to spend £400 on some bonded extensions so I can have real Bettie hair but Paul refuses point blank to let me :P