Sunday, 19 August 2012

I want a bean feast

presents and prizes and sweets and suprises in all shapes and sizes!!! Don't mind how...I want it NOW!

I have actually ordered some super cute things which I am waiting for and will take some pictures when they arrive however I am keen to share this with you:

Misstiki Designs:

This is such a pretty brooch! I want it to go with this skirt:

Fiesta Skirt

And I want them NOW!!!

Veruca Salt!

well...I am not actually Verucca Salt. So I would like them now, but will happily wait a month or two. There. That's a bit nicer!


  1. LOL I love your title for you post! We are big WW fans in our house! Such a pretty brooch! And I soooo relate to what you mean-patience is truly a virtue! xox