Monday, 27 August 2012

Day of the Dead at Costa Coffee

My buddies and I meet at Costa once a month for a Mummy chat...this is what I wore:

Leon is looking decidedly chicken-pocky and is wearing his pyjamas too! He loves my new Miss Fortune Skirt as much as I do since his favourite dress up theme is 'pirates' and his favourite film is 'The Three Amigos' with Chevy Chase

so my skirt is a wonderful mix of the two for him!

I also got stopped in Marks and Spencers by a man who told me he loved my skirt...he asked was it 'Day of the Dead' and explained that his wife had one very similar with flamingos on it. I asked him to say hello to her from me...I felt a bond with this woman immediately!!!!Check out the skirt HERE it's on my wish list!


  1. Its so nice to have time with other moms! You look so pretty!!! And your lil one is a doll!! xox