Wednesday, 21 March 2012


The next thing I bought was this:

Esbelt waist cincher

It is really too good to be true!!!

It was this blog that made me go ahead and purchase it and it does EXACTLY what it says on the tin. I am size 12 ish... but no matter how skinny I get, my belly still hangs over my jeans. That's having three kids for boobs can also be tucked into the waist-band of said jeans but thats a whole other story...

It is made of rubber with cotton lining that goes next to your skin and has two sets of hooks and eyes (like on your bra) up the front. It is designed to go from under your bra, where your underwire is and sits just on my hips. I started off with size M and it was pretty tight. After two weeks however, I was ordering size S because it was on the tightest fitting and it was loose.

I am happy with my size S. I did get so that I was comfortable in it and went for an XS but I think at my size if I wanted to go any smaller I would need a boned corset, the Esbelt wasn't strong enough to create the shape I wanted.

The Esbelt makes me 27/28" waist which is just lovely with a pretty high waisted skirt or the Stop Staring dress I posted in my last post. Another thing is that when I have been wearing my Esbelt for a few days I start to keep my shape which meant that last summer I wore it every day and when I wore my swimming costume I actually felt that (without it) I had a better shape than before.

Winter came though, and I put on a few pounds and stopped wearing is back out of hibernation now though as I prepare for my more summery outfits :)

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